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Funeral Notices

Here you will find the current and past funerals conducted by Superior Family Funerals.

“Gone, yet not forgotten,
Although we are apart,
Your spirit lives within me,
Forever in my heart”


In Memory Of Lives Celebrated

Mr Jason Daniel Thompson


Funeral Notice for Mr Jason Daniel Thompson

Mrs Brenda Chadwick


Funeral Notice for Mrs Brenda Chadwick

Mrs Michelle Leigh Smith


Funeral Notive for Mrs Michelle Leigh Smith

Mrs Sandra (Sandy) Dosser

Funeral Notice for Mrs Sandra (Sandy) Dosser

Mrs Ethel Rhodes


Funeral Notice for Mrs Ethel Rhodes

Mrs Fay Oreo


Mrs Fay Oreo Funeral Notice

Mrs. Antonia Bestenbreur


Mrs. Antonia Bestenbreur Funeral Notice

Elizabeth Anne Javis


Elizabeth Anne Javis Funeral Notice

Mr Gregory James Mitchem


Mr Gregory James Mitchem

Mr Gregory James Mitchem


Mr Gregory James Mitchem


Mr Gregory James Mitchem Funeral Notice

Mr Ronald Cowden


Mr Ronald Cowden Funeral Notice

Mr Mark James Anderson


Mr Mark James Anderson Funeral Notice

Mr William Fenton


Mr William Fenton Funeral Notice

Mr Peter Leslie Boland


Mr Peter Leslie Boland Funeral Notice

Mr Kenneth William Fennell

Mr Kenneth William Fennell Funeral Notice

Mr Kenneth William Fennell

Mr Kenneth William Fennell Funeral Notice

Mrs Heather Norling


Mrs Heather Norling Funeral Notice

Mr Raymond Lewis Nichols

Mr Raymond Lewis Nichols Funeral Notice

Mrs Daphne Joan Bryant


Mrs Daphne Joan Bryant Funeral Notice

Mrs Nancy Krasovec


Mrs Nancy Krasovec Funeral Service

Mr Raymond Edward Duffin

Mr Raymond Edward Duffin Funeral Service

Mr Gregory Vincent Soden


Mr Gregory Vincent Soden Funeral Notice

Mr Lionel Edmund Coe


Mr Lionel Edmund Coe Funeral Notice

Mrs Valerie Ann McGregor

Mrs Valerie Ann McGregor Funeral Notice

Mrs Barbara Rose Wolstencroft

Mrs Barbara Rose Wolstencroft Funeral Notice

Mrs Rosemarie Power (Marie)

Mrs Rosemarie Power (Marie) Funeral Notice

Mr Barry John Hall


Mr Barry John Hall Funeral Notice

Mrs Joyce Irene Hunting


Mrs Joyce Irene Hunting Funeral Notice

Mr William Footitt


Mr William Footitt Funeral Notice

Mrs Soula Dionisia Smith


Mrs Soula Dionisia Smith Funeral Notice

John (Jack) Inglis


John (Jack) Inglis Funeral Notice

John (Jack) Inglis


John (Jack) Inglis Funeral Notice

Mrs Gwendoline Van Sanden


Mr Antoine Clement Lim-How

Mr Antoine Clement Lim-How Funeral Notice

Mrs Dorothy Burns


Mrs Dorothy Burns Funeral Notice

Mrs Soula Dionisia Smith


Mrs Soula Dionisia Smith Funeral Notice

Mrs Mary Malusa


Mrs Mary Malusa Funeral Notice

Mr Louis Leo Grandcourt


Mr Louis Leo Grandcourt Funeral Notice

Mrs Wilma Dorothy Chevalier

Mrs Wilma Dorothy Chevalier Funeral Notice

Mrs Dorothy Stella Peden



Charles (Charlie) De La Haye


Mrs Margaret Boyns Stooke


Margaret Boyns Stooke Funeral Notice

Mrs Carol Vincent


Mrs Carol Vincent Funeral Notice

Mrs Erin Kathleen Furlong

Mrs Erin Kathleen Furlong Funeral Notice

Mrs Ann Seserko

Mrs Ann Seserko Funeral Notice

Mr John Freeman

Mr John Freeman Funeral Notice

Mr Wayne Patrick Peter Reid


Mr William Edward Young

Mr William Edward (Morton) Young Funeral Service

Mrs Susan Edwards


Mrs Beryl Storen


Mr Peter Walker King


Mrs Bernardette Ann Maxwell


Mr Robert (Bob) John Nicol


Mrs Mabel (Mavis) Lovina Tatterson


Mr Robert Lindsay Law


Mrs Sheila Norreen Smith


Mr Ronald Taylor


Peter Macansh Newton

funeral service notice-144 seaford

Mrs Sharee Makawe

funeral service notice-146 Dandenong South

Peter Macansh Newton

funeral service notice-144 seaford

Robert (Bob) Sumner



Mrs Doris May Stanley


Mrs Joyce Ellen Scaife


Mr Basil Gaffney


Mr Richard Andrew Rudd



Cheryl-Anne McMahon


Mrs Margaret Mitchell


Mr Nicacio Andrade


Mrs Raelene Ann McCrae


Ann Margaret West


Mr Graeme Robin Beasley


Mrs Violet Meddicks


Mr Ian (Zoom Zoom) Smith


Ralph Stanley Taylor


Paul Llewelyn Corbett


Mrs Eileen Harrison Gilbert


Mr Rex Albert Visser


Mr Henry Roy Cox


Harry Chadwick


Mrs Margaret Leslie Hall


Mr Zanzibar Ellis – Grey


Mr Morris Russell Burke


Mrs Valma Elizabeth Hawton


Mr Claude Render


George Gingold


Mr John Lawrence Styler


Mr Graeme Charles Pocknee


Mrs Raffaela Cascone-Neri


Mr Harry “1%er” – Mr Nigel Leslie (Steve) Froud


Mrs Jane M. Waikato


Mr Jake John Rutten


Mrs Ruth Wickham


Mr Norman (Bruce) Hawkins


Mrs Agnes Claire Lowrie


Mrs Margaret Clara Maher


Mrs Frances Cole


Miss Kaylene Jean McGorrery


Mr Terence Charles Jackson


Mr Peter Carson


Mr Allan Alexander Hepburn


Mrs Marlene Wright


Michael Close


May McFarlane Jackson


Kevin Michael Hammond


Mr Kevin Paxton


Helen May Guillot


Mrs Ivy Evelyn Thomson


Jill (Julie) Bernal


John Charles Townsend


Mr Colin William McSweeney


Mr Robert Bruce Baldwin


Mrs Patricia June Ford



Mr John Samuel Brooks

Notice-87 Funeral Service for Mr John Samuel Brooks

Shirley Lois Waterman

Notice-86 Funeral Service for Shirley Lois Waterman

Mr Brendon Charles Scullin

Notice-85 Funeral Service for Mr Brendon Charles Scullin

Mrs Lydie Renee Yolande Guerer

Notice-84 Funeral Service for Mrs Lydie Renee Yolande Guerer

Mrs Sylvia Eileen Render

Notice-83 Funeral Service for Mrs Sylvia Eileen Render

Mr Paul Matzke

Notice-82 Funeral Service for Mr Paul Matzke

Mr George Jeffery Sharman

Notice-81 Funeral Service for Mr George Jeffery Sharman

Mrs Kathleen Wheeler

Notice-80 Funeral Service for Mrs Kathleen Wheeler

Matthew James Smithyman

Notice-79 Funeral Service for Matthew James Smithyman

Albin Gaspar Mullner

Notice-78 Funeral Service for Albin Gaspar Mullner

Mr Thomas (Tom) Paxton

Notice-77 Funeral Service for Mr Thomas (Tom) Paxton

Mr Frank Monea

Notice-76 Funeral Service for Mr Frank Monea

Mr Lawrence Peter John O’Brien

Notice-75 Funeral Service for Mr Lawrence Peter John O'Brien

Mr Bill (William) Leslie Tedge

Notice-68 Funeral Service for Mr Bill (William) Leslie Tedge

Mr Nigel Wilford

Notice-69 Funeral Service for Mr Nigel Wilford

Mrs Viola Holly King

Notice-64 Funeral Service for Mrs Viola Holly King

Mrs. Melva Ann Garrett

Notice-62 Funeral Service for Mrs. Melva Ann Garrett

Mr Ian Charles Prentice (Pren)

Notice-61 Funeral Service for Mr Ian Charles Prentice (Pren)

Julie Dorothy Masterson

Notice--60 Funeral Service for Julie Dorothy Masterson

Mr (Bill) William Anderson

Notice--59 Funeral Service for Mr (Bill) William Anderson

Mr Don Hawkins

Notice-67 Funeral Service for Mr Don Hawkins

Mr Branislav Nikolic

Notice-66 Funeral Service for Mr Branislav Nikolic

Mr Roger Dunn

Notice--58 Funeral Service for Mr Roger Dunn

Mr Dennis Doull Lloyd

Notice-63 Funeral Service for Mr Dennis Doull Lloyd

Mr John Richard Stuart

Notice--57 Funeral Service for Mr John Richard Stuart

Mrs Margaret Anderson

Notice--56 Funeral Service for Mrs Margaret Anderson

Mr Harold (Harry) Albert Joseph Filliponi

Notice--55 Funeral Service for Mr Harold (Harry) Albert Joseph Filliponi

Mr Gordon Kenneth Hooper

Notice--54 Funeral Service for Mr Gordon Kenneth Hooper

Tryntje (Tina) Byenhof

Notice--53 Funeral Service for Tryntje (Tina) Byenhof

Mr Stephen William Hallam

Notice-71 Funeral Service for Mr Stephen William Hallam

Gladys (Pat) Stratford

Notice--52 Funeral Service for Gladys (Pat) Stratford

Mrs Patrica Holt

Notice-51 Funeral Service for Mrs Patrica Holt

Robyn Lee Griffiths

Notice-50 Funeral Service for Robyn Lee Griffiths

Mr Ronald James Warke

Notice-49 Funeral Service for Mr Ronald James Warke

Margaret Heather Thorley

Notice-48 Funeral Service for Margaret Heather Thorley

Mr Hugh Bryant

Notice-47 Funeral Service for Mr Hugh Bryant

Mr Maurice Charles Nobel

Notice-42 Funeral Service for Mr Maurice Charles Nobel

Mr Michael Francis (Mick) Xavier Curran

Notice-46 Funeral Service for Mr Michael Francis (Mick) Xavier Curran

Mr Clifford George Boxall

Notice-43 Funeral Service for Mr Clifford George Boxall

Mrs Joan Elizabeth Lampard

Notice-44 Funeral Service for Mrs Joan Elizabeth Lampard

Mr John Arthur Francis-Pester

Notice-40 Funeral Service for Mr John Arthur Francis-Pester

Mr Eoin Andrew Cameron Milward

Notice-38 Funeral Service for Mr Eoin Andrew Cameron Milwards

Mr John Stanton Howard

Notice-39 Funeral Service for Mr John Stanton Howard

Mr John McFarlane

Notice-36 Funeral Service for Mr John McFarlane

Mr Fomai Esera Ekueti

Notice-37 Funeral Service for Mr Fomai Esera Ekueti

Mr Drago Logonder

Notice-35 Funeral Service for Mr Drago Logonder

Mr Kevin Graham Atkins

Notice-34 Funeral Service for Mr Kevin Graham Atkins

Mr Gerard Zamudio

Notice-31 Funeral Service for Mr Gerard Zamudio

Mr Shane Frances McDermott

Notice-32 Funeral Service forMr Shane Frances McDermott

Mr Rudiger Geppert

Notice-29 Funeral Service for Mr Rudiger Geppert

Mrs Marguerita Hodgson

Notice-28 Funeral Service for Mrs Marguerita Hodgson

Mrs Margot Louise Millman

Notice-27 Funeral Service for Mrs Margot Louise Millman

Mr Glenn Robert Devereaux

Notice-26 Funeral Service for Mr Glenn Robert Devereaux

Mr Philip Gray

Notice-25 Funeral Service for Mr Philip Gray

Peter William Anderson

Notice-24 Funeral Service for Peter William Anderson

Florence Elsie May Smith

Notice-23 Funeral Service for Florence Elsie May Smith

Marguerita Dorothy Newman

Notice-22 Funeral Service for Marguerita Dorothy Newman

Mr Ronald James Archer

Notice-21 Funeral Service for Mr Ronald James Archer

Mr Graham Grant

Notice-20 Funeral Service for Mr Graham Grant

Mr Ewan Douglas (Mac) McNaught

Notice-18 Funeral Service for Mr Ewan Douglas (Mac) McNaught

Mr Harold Ernest Collings (Bob) Sharp

Notice-16 Funeral Service for Mr Harold Ernest Collings (Bob) Sharp

Mr Daryl Mark Youl

Notice-17 Funeral Service for Mr Daryl Mark Youl

Mr Bruce James Warne

Notice-15 Funeral Service for Mr Bruce James Warne

Mr Brent John Sloan

Notice-14 Funeral Service for Mr Brent John Sloan

Mrs Betty Marion Evans

Notice-13 Funeral Service for Mrs Betty Marion Evans

Mrs Helena Maud Gilmour

Notice-12 Funeral Service for Mrs Helena Maud Gilmour

Mrs Kathleen Bryce

Notice-11 Funeral Service for Mrs Kathleen Bryce

Mr Geoffrey James Graf

Notice-10 Funeral Service for Mr Geoffrey James Graf

Mrs Margaret Dorothy Kollner

Notice-9 Funeral Service for Mrs Margaret Dorothy Kollner

Mrs Agnes O’Brien

Notice-8 Funeral Service for Mrs Agnes O'Brien

Mr Kenneth Noel Gee

Notice-7 Funeral Service for Mr Kenneth Noel Gee

Mrs Valerie Dawn Hulm

Notice-6 Funeral Service for Mrs Valerie Dawn Hulm

Mrs Rosalind Davies

Notice-5 Funeral Service for Mrs Rosalind Davies

Mr Tyler Anthony Rust

Notice-3 Funeral Service for Mr Tyler Anthony Rust

Mr John Newland

Notice-4 Funeral Service for Mr John Newland

Mr Jean-Marie Francois

Notice-2 Funeral Service for Mr Jean-Marie Francois

Anthony Charles Flett

Notice-1 Funeral Service for Anthony Charles Flett

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