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Floral tributes

Our beautiful floral tributes are sourced from the best locally grown flowers and we offer limitless combinations to suit any personality. From native to traditional tributes we cater for every taste. Grown in nearby Cranbourne and Baxter, ensures our flowers are beautiful, fresh and seasonal, keeping our business local means keeping the costs down for you.

‘In Lieu of Flowers’ Option

It’s common to send flowers to the bereaved . As thoughtful as this gesture is, cut flowers come at a high environmental price. One option is to ask for an ‘in lieu of flowers’ option at your funeral, with donations instead going to an eco-minded charity of your choice.

Even without a specific request, there’s nothing stopping friends and family sending an alternative to a floral arrangement: a plant or tree that will live on; a self-care voucher for someone in mourning; or something practical like taking a few meals to the bereaved – at such a difficult time, small gestures of friendship can make all the difference.

Donation Envelopes

Superior Family Funeral Care also like to support the charities that you might have had a close connection with.

It might be Beyond Blue, Breast Cancer or The Cancer Counsel.  Legacy that supports our Veterans that supported us in our time of need. Or Kids with Cancer or The Kidney Foundation.

There’s many charities that we know that need all of our support.  Please talk to us about what charity you would like to support.

We can also supply donation envelopes at the service.

We feel that giving to them, instead of bringing flowers might help our next generation.

Sample Floral Tributes

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